About Us

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Why Did You Start Your Business?

After working in corporate America for all my working life, I was ready for a change, one that could truly make a difference in the lives of my clients as well as myself. By nature I am a very giving person, always getting joy out of seeing a smile on the recipient's face after receiving a gift of some sort that I had given them. I also love building relationships with people and I wanted to do something that combines both of these attributes. After doing some research, I discovered the gifting industry. Through my gifiting company, I get to help improve the human connection through the art of gifting. I get to enjoy seeing people smile after they've received a gift that had been curated or created specifically for them (customized gifts). I get to make someone's day or be part of a milestone or one of life's many celebrations. I am honored that I get to play a small part in making the world a happier place to be in. 


How Does Yellow Rose Gifting Company Add Value to Your Clients?

We work with individuals and businesses who want to build their relationships and help improve the human connection through the art of gifting. We offer customized gift baskets or gift boxes for any occasion, whether for an individual or a corporate office. We also offer mini gifts that can be used for self-marketing such as for "drop off gifts" or gifts for attendees at an event or conference. All of our gifts are made-to-order and never sit in a warehouse for products to go stale or collect dust. We work with our clients to create a gift specifically for them or their recipient and our goal is to make every gift unique and special in every way.


How Does Yellow Rose Gifting Company Give Back to the Community?

Our gifts have been generously and happily donated to many charities or golf outings for fund-raising events. Also, our gift baskets, boxes or bags have been given to individuals who have experienced loss (i.e. Hurricane Harvey - we donated several toiletry bags to individuals who lost their homes in the flooding. We have also donated several toiletry gift baskets to the Salvation Army who handed them out to persons in need). We firmly believe in helping our neighbor through gifting whether they just moved in to a new home, are celebrating a special occasion, aren't feeling well or lost a loved one. We always strive to build and improve human relationships!